L+A is one of the oldest legal practices in Greece, established in the year 1926 by Kyriakos Sp. Arvanitis, the first elected President of Piraeus Bar and Founder of Piraeus Court of Appeal.

"All the same, if you change your mind about that lawyer, I’m told by our legal department that you should contact Latsoudis & Arvaniti, in Piraeus. They’re a good firm. We’ve used them before."
New York Times best selling author Philip Kerr, Philip Kerr, Greeks Bearing Gifts, 2018, p. 28

Our Values

The continuous improvement of our services is a main element of L+A Mindset. We use our multiannual experience to optimize our services and meet the needs of our Clients. See more

According to the Japanese cultural practice, Hansei, we have to give emphasis on what went wrong and on creating clear plans for ensuring that it does not reoccur. In L+A we believe that the insight into oneself is the first step to improvement and we objectively and critically evaluate our work, even when nothing went wrong, in order to find opportunities for improvement. See more

Speed is the ultimate weapon in Business. L+A provides its services with immediacy and effectiveness.  See More

Since 1926, ethics, integrity and trust have been the core of our values.


Compliance issues have risen up the agenda for Businesses globally.

With cutting edge technology and  a holistic approach, we help businesses minimise legal and regulatory risks and provide them with on-going, up-to-the-minute advice.


Our Business Clients benefit from a high-level of personal attention, industry-specific experience, speed and an eye towards the issues and trends that impact their specific industry. We consider it our privilege to represent Clients from many different industries, including: Technology, Communications and Media, Food, Energy, Healthcare, Construction, Financial Services, Cannabis, Government Entities.

Our Partners

L + A is a member of the CICERO ™ League Of International Lawyers, based in London, a renowned exclusive network of international law firms.

Since 2002 L + A is an exclusive partner of the Global Credit Solutions Group (GCS Group) in Greece.The GCS Group was founded in Australia in the 1970s and  has become the leading credit and risk management group in the world. With more than 100 offices, located in more than 90 countries, GCS Group has the expertise and the international resources to provide strategic business services and to protect its customers from financial risks.