L+A is one of the oldest legal practices in Greece, established in the year 1926 by Kyriakos Sp. Arvanitis, the first elected President of Piraeus Bar and Founder of Piraeus Court of Appeal.


For 92 years, L+A has been providing comprehensive legal services to businesses in Greece & worldwide, thus has established a solid professional background.

Mission Statement.

Serving Businesses, Bringing Law To The Digital Era

L+A is deeply inspired by the latest technological developments and has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach in its Business Process WorkFlows, not only by handling projects pertinent to the digital revolution occurring worldwide, but also by applying technology throughοut its operations.

Since 2006, L+A is the exclusive member, for Greece, of CICERO™ League Of International Lawyers; an established network of major international law firms. Unlike many international networks, CICERO™ admits into membership only one Law Firm per country, allowing close professional relationships to be created for the benefit of members and clients.

Moreover, L+A is the exclusive GCS Greek partner since 2002.
Founded in Australia in the 1970’s, Global Credit Solutions (GCS Group) today is the world‘s leading credit & risk management enterprise. With more than 100 offices, physically located in over 90 countries, GCS has the expertise and international resources to deliver strategic business support services, and protect their clients from financial risk.

Local & Truly Global.

L+A maintains a steadfast pan-Hellenic presence and manages a strong network of commercially driven attorneys throughout Greece.

Business and Data Driven.

L+A maintains a commercially driven approach and employs a data-driven philosophy throughout its operations its services. In this way, L+A manages to successfully correspond to the evolving needs of businesses, both domestic and multinational.



Make Use Of Optimal Technology Throughout The Firm’s Operations

Total Client Satisfaction

Satisfy The Businesses Desires & Goals; Proactively Forecast & Advise; Be A Center Of Immense Value Creation For Them.


Time Is The Most Valuable Thing in Life – Exercise Speed As A Habit.


Since 1926 We Place Ethics & Trustworthiness At The Core Of Our Values.


In the hansei process, the emphasis is on what went wrong and on creating clear plans for ensuring that it does not reoccur; this is done constantly and consistently. At Toyota, even if you do a project successfully, there is still a hansei-kai (reflection meeting) to review what went wrong. If a manager or engineer claims that there were not any problems with the project, they will be reminded that “no problem is a problem” – in other words, you have not objectively and critically evaluated the project to find opportunities for improvement. No problems indicate that you did not stretch to meet (or exceed) your expected capacity. See Here


Continuous Improvement Principle. See Here


Autonomation describes a feature of machine design to effect the principle of jidoka (自働化) used in the Toyota Production System (TPS) and Lean manufacturing. It may be described as “intelligent automation” or “automation with a human touch”. This type of automation implements some supervisory functions rather than production functions. See Here